Large Format Printing Banners.

Sema convention signs and banners

Large format printing banners allows a business or an event to make vinyl banners in a very large way. Large format printed banners can be up to 16′ tall and go as long as 50 ft. in width. These large banners can be a mesh vinyl or a solid vinyl.

Can Large Format Printing Banners Be Mesh or Wind Proof ?

Las Vegas banners that are mesh allow for wind to go through the banner instead of blocking the wind. This way the there is not a lot of wind resistance on the banner. And this will save the constant force on the grommets that hold the banners in place. The mesh is usually a 70/30 mesh material and looks great when printed on.

Las Vegas banner printing traditionally are printed on a 13 ounce vinyl banner material using large format printers. So these printers print banners and signs directly on to the banner with eco solvent or latex inks. These inks are especially designed to last in the outdoor weather when it is very hot. In Las Vegas, temperatures will reach well over 100 degrees and the eco solvent or latex inks will last against the hot weather and UV sub rays without discoloring. In older times, vinyl would have to be plotted out and then applied to a vinyl banner material to make banners. This was very costly. With the invention of the large format printer, the printer prints directly on the banner saving time and costs. The average price for large format banner printing is about $3 a square foot. This include reinforcing he edges and grommets on the banners.

When hanging a large banner, it is recommended that you mount it against a solid surface. Otherwise the wind plays an important factor because of the pressure on the banner.  Its also advisable to let the banner lay out in the sun for a few minutes. So this will loosen up the banner. So it can be stretched when installed for a wrinkle free appearance. Contact a local Vegas sign store or print shop near you to find a large banner at a reasonable price.