Large Building Banner Signs To Get Noticed.

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Large building banner signs are a unique way of getting attention to your store at a very low cost. Las Vegas banners can be seen by the many people passing your store.  And that will draw attention to your products and services that your company offers. These vinyl banners are very cost effective and have produced positive results for many stores.

Large Building Banner Signs

Large Banner Signs

Large Building Banner Signs Are Like Billboards

Big Vegas banners are very similar to billboards you see on the sides of major streets or freeways. The difference is that instead of having a monthly billboard rental fee.  Your vinyl banner is on your building and there are no other fees other than printing and installing the banner. ( check with your local govt. agency for any sign fee that may apply). Once the big vinyl banner is printed and installed.  So all you have to do is watch the increase flow of traffic to your store from your big advertising banner. Many times, stores will rotate their Las Vegas banners in order to give their stores a fresh appearance. Also, they are able to advertise many different products and services than just the ones on the original banner. By rotating the banners, you also make sure that the ever Las Vegas population gets to see your banners.

Las Vegas businesses adjacent to the freeways and major streets are using these large banners. They are placing these banners so that they face the traffic on the freeway or street. The freeways all get thousands of vehicles driving on them every day. This is also true for the major streets of Las VEgas. The Nevada Dept. of Transportation does traffic studies. So these traffic studies have shown that many thousands of cars travel the major streets like Sahara Ave, Flamingo and Boulder Highway every single day. Thousands of people see these large banners every day.


Designing your Las Vegas banner is an important aspect to get noticed. The key is to make sure you use bold and vibrant colors to get their attention. Using easily understandable fonts make the banners easy to read. Keeping you text simple with proper spacing allows for the vinyl banner to be understood quickly. If pictures are used, using quality pictures that are not pixelated will showcase your products in the best possible light. After all, nobody wants to see a pixelated, blurry image of an item and then be asked to buy it.

Las Vegas vinyl banners are printed on a 13 ounce vinyl banner material with outdoor inks that are designed to last a long time in the Las Vegas hot summer months. These inks are guaranteed not to fade for 3 years and will remain bright and vivid in their coloring. The 13 ounce banner material, when properly installed will last many months in the Las Vegas area. Large format printers are able to print these big building banners at remarkable speed which will lower the production cost and the saving gets passed on to you. Normally, big banners go for around $3.00 a square foot in the Las Vegas area. Find a local 5 star Las Vegas sign store near you.