Giant Vinyl Banners For Giant Advertising Results.

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Giant vinyl banners can get you giant results in your marketing plan. Many companies are placing large vinyl banners on the sides of their stores. Also on other visible places to draw attention to their store. These vinyl banners are huge in size and are easily visible to people who are driving by.

Giant Vinyl Banners Act Like A Billboard

Vinyl banners are most effective when placed next to a major street or freeway. These giant banners act as a billboard. But without the monthly fees associated with renting a billboard. Companies are finding that if they are located next to a freeway, they get thousands of people everyday passing by who see their advertising day after day.

Vinyl banners are much like regular banners, only much bigger. Very large printers print these vinyl banners. With special outdoor inks designed to last a long time in the hot Las Vegas sun. These banners can be full color, meaning that you can have any combination of colors you want on the banner. The banners are then hemmed and grommets placed every two feet on the perimeter of the banner. This allows for easy hanging of these giant banners. It is best to use professional installers to hang these types of banners because of there size and weight. Also. it would be very dangerous to hang these giant banners on the sides of a building with ladders. It is best to have a lift or a bucket truck which will allow you to hang the banner with more safety. Also, it would be wise to check with the local government agency to see if there is a special permit that is required to hang this type of banner.

To find a local Vegas sign shop near you for these vinyl banners, just do a online Google or Yahoo search with the term ” Large Banners or Giant Banners”