Dust Sign

Dust sign Las Vegas

A Las Vegas dust sign is required on construction projects by the Dept of Environment and Sustainability. The purpose of these dust signs. Is to help with the releasing of the top soil into the air we breathe. The Clark County govt. does not want dust going into the air so they make everybody take a Clark County dust class. his class helps everybody understand the rules and regulations regarding the compliance of the dust regulations. One of these regulations is having a Las Vegas dust signage on the premises of your construction project. So this dust control permit signage is mandatory and must contain certain language to be displayed. Certain information has to be on the Las Vegas signage as with certain height requirements of the text.

The information needed on the Vegas dust control signage is the permittee, name of contraction company and permit number. Also the contact information, dust permit expiration number and acreage of the construction project. The standard dust control sign size is 4ft x 4ft.

Dust Sign
Dust Sign

How is a Vegas Dust Sign Made ?

The Vegas dust permit signage is made with a aluminum dibond panel. This panel is rust resistant and has a filler panel in the middle for rigidity. So the dust permit is printed on a vinyl application and then laminated to help protect the print. So then the adhesive sticker is applied to the dibond panel. The sign is then installed on a couple of 4×4 wood posts or wired to a chain link fence. The Vegas sign has to be displayed a certain way as well. it needs to be near the front of the construction site where the public can easily see it. Contact the Dept. of Environment and Sustainability for more information.


Many of the construction companies will also place Clark County no trespassing signs on the property for liability purposes. The No trespass signs will warn people not to come on to the construction site. Contact your local dust control sign printing company for more information.