Dust Sign Printing Las Vegas

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Dust sign printing is needed to make those dust control signs. As required by Clark County Dept. of Environment and Sustainability. The Clark County govt. agency requires dust signs along with a long list of dust regulations to minimize dust. So dust is a major issue in Clark County because of the topsoil. When the topsoil gets moved around. A fine dust goes into the air that pollutes the air that we all breathe.

Clark County requires a dust class as part of the process. So this dust class teaches a responsible party on how to minimize the threat of dust. But it also teaches the responsible party on how to go about that minimization process.

Dust Sign Printing
Dust Sign Vegas

What Information Do You Need For Dust Sign Printing ?

There is certain information required on a Vegas dust sign. The permittee name, project name and telephone number of responsible person. Also required is the acreage , date of permit expiration and the county contact number if you are in violation. Hopefully, someone will call the responsible party ( whose phone number is on the sign ) if there are questions. As nobody in the construction business wants the govt. people on a construction site. As the government people can issue citations and close down a job site.

The dust permit signs are usually 4×4 signs. But this is the required size of the sign as required by the Clark County dust people. The signs are printed with inks that will not fade and then protected with a laminate. The laminate helps stops scuffs and scrapes.


Your local sign shop can make these dust control signs quickly. Dust permit sign printing can be finished next day in many cases. The same day in some instances in cases of emergencies. So give your local dust sign company a call today.