Custom Large Banner Signs.

Custom large banner signs are affordable for the average business in Las Vegas. No longer do you have to be the wealthy casino or the Fortune 500 company to afford custom large banners. With advances in the printing industry, large format printers can print these custom banners are very affordable prices.

Custom Large Banner Signs

Custom Large Banners

Custom Large Banner Signs Are Made To Your Specifications

Las Vegas large banners are just that, custom banners made to your specifications. Businesses can have large 10 ft x 15 foot banners made. Or have them specifically designed for fixed room such as 9ft 4inches x 14ft 5 inches. Although vinyl banner material is flexible and either enlarges or shrinks with cold/ heat. You can have it custom made for a certain size and hang it accordingly.

Many Las Vegas businesses are using custom large banners to advertise on the sides of their buildings. As a result, they have become very popular. Businesses are using very large banners and attaching them to the sides or rear of their buildings. So that they can be seen by motorists passing by on adjacent streets or freeways. After the banner is paid for and hung, there is no more costs associated with just hanging it. Unlike a billboard or portable sign vehicle, there are no monthly or weekly rental fees. This makes a custom large banner for popular for businesses. These custom large banners are made to last several months ( well over a year ) and businesses are getting there money’s worth. The special inks are designed to not fade for 3 years, which is very important in Las Vegas do to the harsh summer heat.

Custom banner printing is not expensive. The average price in Las Vegas is around $5.00 a square foot and that comes with free hemming and grommets strategically placed for easy hanging of the banner. These vinyl banners are full color, which means that you can have as many colors you want on them, which includes logo’s, pictures, etc.