Custom Foam Core Sign Printing

Vegas trade show sign displays

Custom foam core sign printing allows for printing of those foam core signs needed for events and business. Local Las Vegas businesses like to use these poster board signs as a point of purchase advertisement. So this means they place these signs near the cash register and hope to get you to impulse buy products. You can see these signs at local convenience stores and gas stations where they have all sorts of small items to buy when you are paying for your other items. The point of purchase signs are very effective in getting additional sales.

Poster board printing is also a big thing at conventions and trade shows in Las Vegas. The businesses that are exhibiting at the venues like these lightweight signs. As they can be placed on easels, tables and other spots in your convention booth. The poster board signs can be made in many sizes to meet your display needs. Sometimes they will make 48×96 poster board signs and place them on the walls in their convention booth. The companies can place these foam core signs on all their panels and make like a scenery scene. The foam core signs can also be used as stand up signage. So this is where they use large foam signs and attach legs at the bottom so the signs stand straight up. They act like a stand up sign.

Custom Foam Core Sign Printing
Custom Foam Board Sign Printing

Custom Foam Core Sign Printing Can Be Made Fast

Fast foam board signs can be made the same day. They can also be delivered to your event venue. Many companies prefer to have these fragile and portable signs made locally and save money on expensive shipping.

The foam board printing allows for multiple colors to be printed along with images and pictures. So companies will print pictures of their products along with a brief description.