Clark County Dust Control Sign Printing

Clark County dust control sign printing

Clark County dust control sign printing can get you those dust permit signs. Required by the Clark County Dept. Of Environment and Sustainability. This govt agency oversees the dust permit process. They take dust very seriously in Clark County. Because when the topsoil is disturbed, the dust goes into the air that we all breathe. So when a new commercial building or home is built, certain regulations apply to those building on the property.

The Clark County Dept. of Environment and Sustainability have many regulations regarding the dust situation. They require a dust class be taken along with many other rules. A dust control sign must be placed on the property to allow people to see it. This dust control permit sign must contain certain information that is beneficial to the community. The projects name, permittee, permit number and other information is required. So there also has to be a telephone number that people can call if there is a dust violation. This is the responsible party who took the dust class. But if that responsible party is not available, the telephone to the dust people is printed on the dust sign for violations. Nobody wants to have the local officials at their job site with a ticket book.

Clark County dust control sign printing
Clark County dust control signs

Clark County Dust Control Sign Printing Is Not Expensive

Dust permit sign printing is not expensive. The cost of a new dust permit sign printed on vinyl, laminated and mounted to a double sided aluminum panel is about $150.00. So this is for a dust sign ready to install on a fence or wood posts. ( Depending on your situation ) But the dust permit signs can be modified with stickers if the sign is updated. So your dust sign printing company can print the new information sticker to cover the old information on your Vegas dust sign.


If you need assistance with installation of your dust sign on your project site. Just ask for assistance and installation can be arranged.