Backdrop Printing Las Vegas

Las Vegas 10ft banners

Backdrop printing Las Vegas can get you those large backdrop banners printed for your event or show. Backdrop banner signs are increasingly popular at events. So people use them as step and repeat backdrop banners and information banners. The step and repeat banners can be used to promote your business. And also be used as backdrops for selfies. The tourists love to come to Las Vegas and take pictures. Las Vegas night clubs and casinos will use these large backdrop step and repeat banners as props. So tourists can take selfies of themselves and show off to their friends back home. It works great for free publicity. Because the tourists friends come to Vegas and take a picture against the same backdrop banner. They patronize the business as well.

Events and shows will use these large backdrop banners as a way to market to their customer base. For example, a company will print their products on these large banners and use them as props. So as the salesman will use them to explain their products with the banner pictures. Using clear images will help sell your products. Utilizing vibrant and bold colors will get your banner noticed.

Backdrop Printing Las Vegas
Backdrop Banner Printing

Backdrop Printing Las Vegas Different Options

So backdrop banners can be printed on different substrates. The new trend is to print fabric large backdrop banners on a polyester material. So this lightweight material is wrinkle free and is very easy to set up. Traditionally the background banner signs are printed on a 13 ounce vinyl banner material. The banner material is much more durable but subject to wrinkling if not cared for properly. Both banner material can be finished with hemming and grommets. Also the background banner can be finished with pole pockets at the top and bottom. So this allows for a pole to slide through the pocket in order to be displayed.


Your local Las Vegas backdrop banner printing company will be able to answer more questions about these large vinyl banners. The backdrop banners work very well and will certainly get your business or event noticed. These banner makers tend to be located near the convention venues.