Affordable Large Banners In Las Vegas

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Affordable large banners are increasingly in popularity with small and medium companies. Also because of the cost and return on investment. In the old days, to get a large outdoor banner, you had to advertise on a billboard with a 16ft x 30 ft banner attached to a billboard. However now you can have that Las Vegas banner sign printed at a very low cost.  And then hung on the outside of your building to get it seen by thousands of people driving by your store every day. Companies that are located near a freeway or highway are really seeing the benefits of this type of advertising.

Affordable Large Banners

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Do You Need A Professional Sign Installer For Affordable Large Banners ?

Affordable large banners cost around $3.00 a square foot or less. After the banner printing and hanging cost. ( a professional sign installer is recommended because of the weight and height the banner is being placed at ).  There is no billboard rental monthly fees. These large banners will last for more than a year outside in Las Vegas. These affordable large banners will come with reinforced perimeters ( hemmed ). And will come with brass grommets on the perimeter of the banner approximately every two feet across and vertical. So these brass grommets will allow for easy hanging of the banner.  By placing a screw and washer through this grommet and into the outer building.

Las Vegas large banners are printed on a 13 ounce banner material. With inks that are specifically designed to resist fading in the Las Vegas sun. These inks will remain bright and vivid in their colors during the hot Las Vegas summertime. Other vinyl weight materials can be used to print on as well. If the large banner is to be strung up between 2 poles.  A vinyl mesh banner would be the preferred material to use.  As the mesh material would allow for the wind to go through the banner instead of being a force against it. Your local banner sign printing store will be able to assist you with more answers.