Shuttle Bus Signs For Promotional Advertising

Shuttle bus signs for promotional advertising are increasing in popularity. When driving on the streets of Las Vegas, you see the transportation buses with advertising on the sides of them. The public bus company has leased the sides of their buses to advertising agencies, who in turn, lease the ads on the sides of the buses. Smaller companies who use shuttle buses in Las Vegas, have taken note of this trend and either place ads on their shuttle buses for other companies or use the free space to promote their own companies.

Shuttle bus signs and signage for promotional advertising is paying off with great success for the hotels and casinos that use shuttle buses. The companies are either doing a full wrap of the shuttle bus ( full vinyl print from bumper to bumper on the shuttle bus ) or a partial wrap that includes a vinyl print applied to the shuttle bus with a printed window film and/ or vinyl lettering to the bus. The partial wrap seems to be the easier and cheaper way to advertise and still get great results. A vinyl print is applied to the bus and it continues onto the windows. The windows have a film covering that allows it to be printed on so that the people on the inside of the bus can still see out, but the people on the outside only see what is printed on the window covering. Vinyl lettering is added to the mix for a very effective combination that produces results equal to a full wrap but at a much lower cost.

Shuttle bus signs for promotional advertising is a great way to earn your comp[any some extra money or promote your own shows and  events. Contact a local sign store in Vegas today and see how shuttle bus signage can help you.