Las Vegas Big Custom Outdoor Banners For Your Signage.

Las Vegas big outdoor custom banners are very big banners that get your marketing message noticed in a large way. Big custom outdoor banners are specifically made to tailor your needs in size and display the advertising message that you want conveyed to your customers.

Las Vegas area businesses are using these Las Vegas big custom banners to get heir advertising message across because in these tough economic times, new marketing ideas are needed. Traditional radio or news print ads are not returning a sound investment because people are changing the way in which they get their news. No longer does everybody get the morning local newspaper or a certain magazine. People are getting a great deal of their news from the internet and social rooms. Consequently, it serves no purpose to pay advertising rates for newspaper ads that are ineffective. Las Vegas businesses have learned that placing big custom banners on their buildings can attract attention of their customers at a much cheaper rate. At about $2.00 a square foot, a Las Vegas big custom outdoor banner would cost around $400 for a 10ft x 20 ft. banner that would last well over a year and be seen by literally thousands of vehicles a day as it passes by on the streets your business is located. For those businesses that are adjacent to the freeways, imagine how many thousands of commuters everyday( while they are sitting in traffic) will take notice of your banner. One smart air conditioner company purposely located their business next to the freeway just so that they could use the backside of their building to advertise to the people commuting on the freeway. They are one of the most successful air conditioning companies in the Las Vegas area. They save thousands of dollars a year on advertising and get Great results !