Large Banners For Advertisement

Large banners are becoming more popular as a form of advertisement for businesses in the Las Vegas area and nationwide.  The enormity of these large banners makes them just about impossible to miss.

Large banners have many uses in the business community.  Many large companies place banners down the sides of their buildings in order to attract attention to the products they offer to customers. Las Vegas conventions have many large banners that hang down the back of the booth as a backdrop to their sales pitches. These large banners can be a variety of sizes and in full color. Full color banners are banners that have an array of colors on them and any background color. Large format printers print directly on these banners with special inks that are designed to last a long time in the outdoors of Las Vegas.  It gets very hot in Las Vegas during the summer months and the sun causes much damage to colors and objects because of the heat.  The special inks used for these large banners are designed to last a minimum of 3 years in the outdoors.

Large banners are also used at sporting events where competing teams change on a regular basis.  Since a stadium holds thousands of people, it is important to have a large banners  that can be seen by the thousands of spectators at these events.

The cost of large banners is not prohibitive as a form of advertisement.  Large banners are priced at $2.00 a square foot and that includes a banner that is hemmed and with grommets for easy hanging. Usually, on a large banner, the artwork is provided by the client because they have had special logos or designs previously drawn up.

Large banners are a great way to have your products and services be seen.