Huge Banners for Huge Marketing Results.

Huge banners are bringing huge results for businesses located in Las Vegas. While regular vinyl banners have brought great results to many of the thousands of businesses in Vegas, huge banners are bring more attention and more results.

Businesses are finding out that huge banners being hung on the sides of their stores equate to almost being a billboard without the rental fees. Think about it, once a banner is printed and hung, there are no more fees you have to pay. The lie expectancy of a huge vinyl banner is well over a year, so it is a great cost advantage to print and hang your own vinyl banner rather than rent a billboard at several thousand dollars a year.

Huge banners are not very expensive and average at around $2.00 a square foot foe a full color vinyl banner that is hemmed and comes with grommets so that you can easily hang it. The banner perimeter is overlapped so that where the grommets are installed, there is double protection of material to give it extra strength.

Huge banners are being put up by businesses with street exposure and freeway exposure. They are putting these large 10ft x 25 ft banners on the sides or rear of their buildings up at the roofline so that when motorists are driving by, they get seen by the thousands upon thousands of cars that pass their way everyday. In this aspect, they are very much like the billboard rental business, only without the monthly fees. For the lucky businesses next to the freeway, their huge banners are literally seen by motorists in the thousands every single day.

If you are not needing a huge banner but rather a smaller banner to assist you in your marketing needs, try for a wide selection of the smaller banners.