Big Banners For Advertising Results

Big Banners can effectively get your product, service or message across in a very convincing way through large format printing on vinyl banners . Big banners are regular vinyl banners but are just much larger than a normal size banner. Sometimes bigger is better. Big banners produce big results.

Many retail stores and businesses are using their buildings as an opportunity to display oversized banners. These large banners are 10 feet by 20 feet, 15ft x 20 ft and sometimes bigger. Recently a  department store opened up and they added an approx. 10ft x 30 foot big banner at the top of the building announcing they had just opened.   The road is probably 50 yards from the store  and everyone passing by on the street could not possibly miss this big banner because it was so big and easy to see.  It was a very effective advertising banner because it drew attention of  people driving by or walking by. You could not miss viewing the banner because it was so big.

Big banners are printed with very big and expensive large format printers that use state of the art inks and technology to make sure the colors and graphics on the banners are vivid and bright. In years past, sign makers would to have to put vinyl lettering and graphics on the banners by hand, which was very time consuming and expensive. Alternatively, painters would paint the banner to deliver the intended advertising message.  With the introduction of the large format printer, these banners are able to be produced very cheaply and in lightening speeds. Some of the newer large format printers can do a couple of hundred square feet of printing an hour.

Generally, these big banners can be yours for under $2.00 a sq. foot.  They will come with grommets for easy hanging and installation.  If need be , the sign shop can cut wind slits in the banner if you expect to hang the banner outside where it will be exposed to the wind.  They say a big banner strung between two posts is just like a  large kite. It is better to mount large banners flush against a building or object so that the forces of the wind do not rip it apart after time.

Big banners will definitely get your company’s products and services noticed as they are so hard not to see when displayed properly.