Big Banner Signs To Get Noticed.



Big banner signs are bound to get your business noticed. Big banner signs will grab the attention of customers who are passing by and help market your business. This is why many businesses that open a store will always have a grand opening banner hung on their building to let people know that they are open for business.

Big banner signs are an inexpensive, cheap way to grab people’s attention and get noticed.  These cost effective banners can be placed at a business location by attaching them to your store’s building or fencing and placed in such a way as to face the traffic that is passing by. Many people do not realize that there has been an increase in traffic in Vegas and that people in your neighborhood or most likely to use and visit your store. By placing big banner signs that can easily be seen, you are effectively letting everybody in the neighborhood know who you are. If you are lucky enough to have a business next to the freeway, many businesses are placing very large banners on the back of their buildings so that they can be seen from the freeway. These large 10ft x 30 foot banners are an excellent source of advertising and last for many months. They act as sort of a billboard but without the monthly rental expense. Every day, thousands of vehicles pass there large banner and this method of advertising has worked really well for those fortunate businesses that are adjacent to the freeways.

Big banner signs are not expensive and considered a cheap, cost effective form of advertising. At around two dollars a square foot, a large 5ft tall by ten foot wide vinyl banner ( full color with hemming and grommets ) costs around one hundred dollars. Pictures and logos can also be printed on these banners as well.